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Video of Lamborghini traveling over 200 mph leads to criminal charges

WTHR: The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has filed charges against a man after police say an online video shows him driving over 200 mph on Interstate 465 in a Lamborghini.

Indiana State Police say they received several tips. Someone posted on social media a video of a car being driven recklessly in November.

Police said someone uploaded the video allegedly shows the black Lamborghini stopped in the left lane of I-465 near I-70 on the west side of Indianapolis. The video then shows the vehicle’s speedometer as it accelerates quickly to a speed of 213 mph before the driver decelerates.

Potential Issues

This case is an interesting use of police work.  There are a couple of issues that I see. First, will witnesses testify that they actually saw him driving at the speed the police allege?  Second, people manipulate videos all the time. We know everything we see on the internet is not always true.

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