Prohibition of Cellphone Use While Driving in Indiana

Driver with Cell Phone

Distracted driving can be defined as anything that interferes with the driver’s concentration, thereby compromising safe driving. It involves activities such as eating, drinking, or cellphone use while driving. In 2018, distracted driving caused 2,841 deaths, 1,730 of them being drivers. Most states, including Indiana, have been enacting laws that discourage drivers from calling, texting, or browsing on their handheld mobile devices while driving to reduce road accident risks.

Cellphone Use and Distracted Driving

Some people downplay the impact of distracted driving on the overall safety of the other road users. Using a cellphone while driving has adverse effects on how you scan and process information on the road. Although you may be looking at the road when using your handheld device, your attention is diverted, making it hard for you to process the information on the road correctly. Driving with the eyes on your phone is equivalent to driving with closed eyes.

Why You Should Not Use Cellphone While Driving in Indiana

Is driving and talking on phone illegal in Indiana? This is one of the most frequently asked questions among those operating in Indiana. However, texting and driving in Indiana was not an issue until recently. Governor Eric Holcomb played a crucial role in persuading the legislators to approve the new law. Indiana is now among the growing list of states that have banned people from using their handheld gadgets when driving.

Can I touch my phone while driving in Indiana? Well, under the new law, it’s illegal for drivers to touch their phones when driving on the state’s roads. You can only use your handheld mobile device hands-free except in emergencies. The new law is an improvement of the previous ban on texting while driving, which was hard to enforce.

What to Do in Case of Driving-Related Loss

Although Indiana laws penalize distracted drivers responsible for accidents, the involved innocent victims may not benefit much. If you’re injured or your property destroyed in a car accident, it’s important to know the right thing to do to get compensation.

After getting involved in an accident, you may be unable to identify all the losses that you’ve incurred. An Indiana distracted driving accident attorney knows how to assist you in receiving what you’re entitled to. Besides your car being damaged due to accident, you could lose your income source and incur hefty medical bills. The only way to get justice is by filing a civil suit against the distracted driver.

Helping You Prove Distracted Driver Negligence

After being involved in an accident, you should demonstrate that the distracted driver was responsible for the loss. However, it can be hard for you to prove the negligence without the assistance of your attorney. Our distracted driving lawyer can show that the distracted driver is responsible for the accident in the following ways:

  • If you witnessed the other driver using their mobile device before the accident, inform the police. We’ll use this police report in court.
  • Photos or videos shot by other road users, CCTV, or police dash cams can also enable us to demonstrate that the distracted driver is responsible.
  • If there’s a confession by the other party that they were on their phones due to the anxiety, worry, and fear experienced after an accident.

Contact a Reliable Distracted Driving Attorney

If you’ve been involved in a distracted driving accident, you should get a reliable attorney. Our legal team will handle all your legal issues professionally. Contact us now.