Law Office One Year Anniversary

January 22, 2019 was the one year anniversary of the Law Office of Mark Nicholson.  The Law Office of Mark Nicholson greets every client and potential client with a handshake and a smile.

Meeting an attorney can often be intimidating.  Let us help you through that initial first meeting by offering a free consultation, a handshake and a smile to help put you at ease.  We know that every case may not be a reason for a client to smile but we strive to work hard to make you a happy and satisfied client.

The Law Office of Mark Nicholson is a 5-star rated and an award winning law office.  Attorney Mark Nicholson has been rated one of the ten best criminal defense lawyers in Indiana.  He has trained attorneys and is an adjunct professor at the Indiana University Mckinney School of Law.

Payments are accepted in person, over the phone and on the internet. You have access to your legal documents and all the court filings.  You can call or email us at any time of day or night. We are available 24/7.

If you need the assistance of a lawyer or know someone that does, please contact the Law Office of Mark Nicholson at 317-667-0718