The 4 Common Christmas Time Crimes

Christmas Cat Mugshot

Christmas Cat Mugshot

It is Christmas time and that often means crime time for some.  Although Santa comes to give gifts there are those that get accused of taking gifts. Below is a list of four of the most common crimes around the holidays. If you are one of those accused of taking gifts or engaging in other criminal acts during this Christmas season, please contact us.

4 Common Holiday Time Crimes

Here’s a look at four crimes that usually occur more often around the holidays.

1. DUI/OVWI – DUI/OVWI’s occur throughout the year, but they tend to spike in the winter and summer. The warm weather and longer hours of daylight during the summer lend themselves to more drinking and potential for DUI’s.

In the winter, people typically have time off around the holidays, and many times they are celebrating with holiday spirits. Whether it’s Christmas with the in-laws, the office holiday party, or celebrating the New Year are more opportunities to drink and drive during this time of year.

2. Shoplifting – Shoppers are flocking to the Castleton Square Mall, the Greenwood Park Mall and other shopping centers to get their last minute gifts. Sometimes people are accused of shoplifting when they may have just forgot to pay for an item or two.  The Loss Prevention Officers (LPO’s) and Asset Protection Associates are overly zealous during this time of the year.  They are eager to accuse someone’s mistake as a theft.  Of course, there are some shoppers who do steal and if you happen to get caught, please contact our office.

3. Prostitution/Sex Crimes – Nobody wants to be alone around the holidays, but, in Indiana, paying for sex can end up leading to criminal charges. It’s impossible to tell whether you’re communicating with a real person, a police officer posing as a sex worker or potential client when you’re on the internet.  Additionally, it is difficult to to know for certain whether the person walking the street or driving the car is an undercover cop, potential client or actual sex worker.  You may have meant one thing and the undercover cop interpreted it another way.  If something like this happens, please call our office at 317-667-0718

4. Leaving the Scene of an Accident – People nowadays drive distracted year round, but the winter season can make it more challenging to stop. It is not unusual for there to be more car accidents/ fender benders during the holiday season, whether from poor road conditions, distracted drivers or a mix of both. These accidents can result in damaged property to personal injuries, even death.   When this happens, sometimes people get so scared they leave the scene of the accident.  If you left the scene of an accident, or are accused of leaving the scene of an accident or have been the victim of an accident, please contact us now.

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