Attorney Will Fight For You!

Mark Nicholson

It’s a Travesty of Justice when the government charges the wrong person with a crime or violates your rights. I am the attorney known for fighting against these unfortunate travesties. I will fight for you!

Government is Knocking

If the government comes knocking you need to come calling, the Law Office of Mark Nicholson. We are here to help you fight against false accusations, inaccurate police reports, and violations of your constitutional rights. If you have been charged with a crime, I will fight for you. I will fight for the protection of your constitutional rights and a fair hearing. I am not afraid to fight for your rights! From misdemeanor to felonies. From State to Federal. Inside of Marion County or Outside of Marion County.

Travesty of Justice

Remember, it’s a travesty of justice when the government comes knocking but you need to come calling, The Law Office of Mark Nicholson, for a free consultation.