The Better Business Bureau Tips For Hiring A Lawyer

Better Business Bureau

From the BBB.

There are a variety of life situations where you may find yourself wanting a lawyer: filing a lawsuit, writing a will, starting a business. You may also need help if you are going through a divorce, hurt in an accident, or arrested. Here are some tips to help you find the right lawyer for the job.

Ask for Recommendations. Start by asking friends, family members, and coworkers for suggestions. Many lawyers specialize in specific areas, so talk to people who have had similar legal needs. Often attorneys have one or more specialties, and you want to make sure they have experience in your type of case. The attorney who did a terrific job with your friend’s divorce may not have the expertise to take on your auto accident injury matter. You can also search your state and local bar associations for lawyers with a specific expertise. Look up business profiles on to read complaints and reviews.

Decide on the Size of the Firm. Law firms can range from a single lawyer to a team of hundreds. Smaller firms can offer a personal one-on-one relationship while larger firms usually handle bigger cases involving government and public companies. Larger firms may have greater resources to support their work.

Visit for a Consultation. Find out ahead of time if there is a charge for a consultation. If you can, meet with more than one lawyer before choosing who to hire. Your goal is to find an attorney with whom you are comfortable. Your case may involve very personal information and your attorney will often need to know many confidential details about you or your business. Provide a clear summary and bring any documents or materials that may help the lawyer understand your situation. Interview the lawyer about their training and experience. Make sure you understand the fee arrangement, including hourly fees, expenses, billing, and payments.

Understand the Costs. Some lawyers will provide you with the cost before taking your case while others will provide costs shortly after. Ask for costs and fees to be broken down in writing. The three main methods for compensating a lawyer are contingency fee, established/flat fee, or hourly rate.

Get the Agreement in Writing. Make sure the lawyer draws up an agreement stating all terms and details of the case and your client relationship. Before signing the agreement, read it thoroughly and ask questions if there is any confusion. Save a copy of the agreement and other important documents, especially if you give the original documents to the lawyer. Understand that if you are unhappy with your lawyer’s services you have the right to fire him or her at any time.

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