Client Reviews

  • Todd Recommends the Law Office of Mark Nicholson
    This the law firm to hire! My review is long overdue. But I just saw one of their TV commercials and I had to write this review. I had a situation involving some serious false lies against me. Mark and his paralegal helped me last year. Then when I needed help again earlier this year, I contacted his office again and she was able to remember my name, case and help me. Even though I needed help after their office was closed, she still accepted my calls, messages and didn’t judge me. I could tell she really cared about me and my situation just as much as her attorney did. They believed in me. If you are in the need of a law firm that actually cares about you and your situation then hire them to help you. It is money well spent.
  • H.W.
    My supervisor sexually assaulted me at an after-work party. This law firm helped me take him and the company to court and we won.
  • Fred said Mark is the Best!
    Mr. Nicholson was such a great attorney! He believed us and showed it in the courtroom. We took an OWI to jury trial and he beat the case. Even though the state had 3 cops as witnesses and 3 civilians. He caught most in lies, including officers. All I can st about Mark is ” He is the best”.
  • Attorney Jane R.
    Mark has more integrity and intelligence in his little finger than most people have in their entire body. No one will represent you with more dignity, respect, and confidence than this man.
  • Damien W Recommends Attorney Mark Nicholson
    I would recommend him to anyone who has helped me and my family up a lot.
  • Jerry G.Highly Recommends
    I had an initial consultation with his paralegal today. From that meeting, I believe this law firm is honest, efficient, dedicated to and for justice. Highly recommended!
  • J.P.S.
    I had Mr. Nicholson as a child lawyer and we can call this day a victory. It was one of the hardest situations dealing with the well being of my child but Mr. Nicholson gave me hope we achieved our goals in our case and I’m pleased I picked him to represent us. Much thanks to him and he’s more than able to handle your situation also. Thanks again Mr. Mark Nicholson
  • Tyrone said Mark is a Great Attorney
    Mark Nicholson represented me on a gun case. It was self-defense and the case was dismissed. He is a great attorney and will retain him as my attorney again if I ever need a criminal defense attorney.
    Attorney Mark Nicholson exemplifies professionalism, integrity, honesty, ethics, fidelity and altruism to the highest of standards. I give my recommendation with the utmost regard.
    Sincerely, Tina. RN, BSN, MBA
  • Mark Nicholson is a dedicated attorney that has the passion you are looking for in representation. He excels in multiple areas of law including criminal and civil rights. He is focused and driven to provide clients with the best legal help possible. Don’t think twice about contacting Mark Nicholson for your legal needs.
    I have had the privilege of working with Mark in both a co-worker and employer-employee capacity. I have worked with upwards of over a hundred attorneys in my time as a paralegal, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that Mark is one of the most zealous and knowledgeable defense attorneys I’ve ever encountered. He really cares about his clients, and he will go above and beyond in his representation of them. He is a force to be reckoned with at trial! Most importantly, Mark is a good person. I am very grateful to be his colleague and friend.
    Handled my divorce and I was very pleased.
    Mr. Nicholson was my son’s attorney and he was wonderful !! He was awesome at explaining everything to us and getting dates moved and all maters taken care of. His web site was very easy to use and he got back with me as well as my son in a very timely manner. Hand down he is a 5 Star !! Thanks for getting us thru our difficult time.
    I meet Mark in law school and he has always been a strong advocate for those who were misunderstood. I have seen his litigation skills and he is a skilled litigator who is ready to fight on behalf of his clients. I would strongly recommend Mark to anyone who is in need of a fighter in the courtroom.
    I highly recommend attorney Mark Nicholson to anyone seeking aggressive legal services. Mark is an experienced trial attorney and fights hard for his clients both in and out of the courtroom. He is a strong advocate and goes the extra mile for his clients.
    I highly encourage you to hire him. I was charged with multiple felony counts and through his hard work he got all charges dismissed.
    All I say is hire him if you have a personal injury case.
    I had an underage drinking charge. I found Mark by accident and was so glad I did. He helped resolve my case in a couple of weeks.
    Mark Nicholson did a really job on my case. I had an drunk driving charge that was totally false! When we had our day in court, the jury agreed and I was found not guilty.
    Mark is an excellent lawyer and he will fight for you!
    I had a drunk driving case and I heard that Mark Nicholson was a really good attorney. I hired him and he got my case dismissed.
    My neighbors were harassing me and would not stop. I hired attorney Mark Nicholson to send them a letter to stop it. When they got the letter from his office their harassment stopped. I will tell anyone to hire the lawyer Mark Nicholson.
    Mark Nicholson successfully defended me in my criminal case. The jury came back with a Not Guilty verdict in less than an hour.
    My ex-boyfriend posted sexually explicit pictures and videos of me online. I was referred to Mark and we sued the website, forcing them to take down the pictures and video. Also, we sued my ex and won a judgment against him.
    He helped me through my divorce. I was scared at the beginning of the divorce. But Mark helped me through the process to make sure my rights were protected.
    I was being sexually harassed by a priest of the church I attended. I hired Mark Nicholson and he helped me successfully stop the harassment and the church settled the case.
    Mark Nicholson, took on my case head on. He represented me with real confidence, aggressiveness and we won the case. There was always clear communication and a professional atmosphere with him. I never had reason to doubt him.
  • I went to school with Mark and later worked at the New Castle State Developmental Center with his mother, they were both average ordinary people, Awesome to see he is doing so well, way to show them how it’s done!! He is more than an average ordinary person now, he is an extraordinary person now!! He has earned my respect, not that my respect matters. But I’m sure he has earned the respect of many others, and his story will be proof to other young men and women to never give up, all of us make mistakes but they don’t have to define our lives!! I wish him the best!!
    – Lisa Kessinger
  • After hearing Mr Nicholson speak at a prison graduation, I left the graduation and immediately looked him up and read his story. Wow, is all that I can say. He is and should be an inspiritation to us all. Everyone of us have traveled down a path that we shouldn’t have and some get in deeper than they expected and some pick themselves back up and dust off the fall. Mr Nicholson is living proof of HOPE and he reiterates that there is still HOPE for everyone. He did not let this define who he is because he actually made this a page in his book and he started a new chapter.

    Living is about forgiveness. I learned this the hard way also. My brother was on death row, and executed. The silver lining was that the night of his execution the family of his victim stood in proxy with me outside the prison. The family had forgiven my brother but the State didn’t. My brothers death certificate lists his cause of death as “homicide”.
    – Anon