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 Hiring an Associate Attorney

We want to hire an associate attorney to work with us.  There is room for growth at this highly-rated and prominent law firm. This is an opportunity for a dedicated attorney to gain valuable experience and further their career with an established law firm in the Indianapolis area. The attorney will manage their caseload and support the work of two other attorneys.

Attorneys will be assigned cases and are responsible for communications with the court, opposing counsel, reviewing discovery, litigating, discovery production, motions, and trial. The attorney will work with other attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants to litigate cases. Successful candidates possess jury trial experience and experience or interest in family law, criminal law, employment law, civil rights, or personal injury.  Experience in federal court is a positive.


  • Be committed to the client, protecting the rights of those accused, and fighting for excellent results
  • Prepare for hearings in advance, research potential issues, draft appropriate motions, and take a proactive approach to reach favorable resolutions
  •  Provide competent strategic advice
  • Advocate for and secure the best possible outcome for clients
  • Submit motions and other filings on time – meeting internal and external deadlines
  • Arrive at work and court on time in professional and appropriate attire
  • Maintain a good rapport with our clients and treat them with respect
  • Fully participate in goal setting and performance reviews
  • Participate in ongoing training as required by the law firm
  • Maintain a license to practice law in Indiana.
  • Experience with drafting, negotiating divorce settlements, marital and property agreements
  • Strong advocacy for children
  • Experience in building strong interpersonal relationships
  • Have integrity and honesty
  • Must have a good personality and fit within the firm’s culture and values

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